Fully Managed Campaigns

We want to make lead generation easy for you. That’s why we offer a full-service solution for your online campaigns.

Who’s it For

Our fully managed solutions are perfect for an advertiser with a CPA model. If you don’t have one in place, we can work with you to create it.

This model performs excellent for:

  • Online Games: Application installs, downloads, registrations
  • Lead Generation: Dating site registrations, email sign ups, etc.
  • Fan page owners who want to attract more fans


What You Can Expect

Our media buyers will work with you to fully understand your target demographics. We’ll also share our experience with you to make sure you attract high-quality leads.

To maximize the potential of your campaigns, we’ll provide creatives, campaign management, targeting solutions and reports on the results.

Unless you request it, we will avoid lower-quality app traffic and incentivized leads (offer walls and virtual currency).

You’ll also get access to our advertising tracker so you can observe your real-time conversion rate and the number of actions delivered.

What’s the Cost?

We approach campaigns on a performance model. We’ll work with you to set an appropriate CPA or CPI based on your targeting desires.

From there, we’ll create campaigns to drive leads at your desired rate.

You can adjust the set rate at your discretion, but be aware that rate changes may also affect delivery of volume.

Where Do I Start?

Contact Optimal Webworks HERE.